Health & Happiness!

“GavoFarms pursue a world of honeybees and nature.”


Health & Happiness!

“GavoFarms pursue a world of honeybees and nature.”

New technology of propolis production, certified as a venture business

Based on the 45 years of tradition in the apiculture industry and with the corporate principle of “Treating Elements and Contents as Life,” GavoFarms will do its best to maintain the national health with its hearty, quality products.

  • GavoFarms Honey
  • Korean natural honey that is matured by honeybees and certified by Korea Beekeeping Association

  • GavoFarms Honey Tea
  • Korean honey tea, the taste and flavor of which is delicate owing to the seasoned sweet honey (Traditional liquid tea)

  • Clear Naju Pear Juice
  • Natural and clear Naju pear juice with no colors, flavorings, sugars, and preservatives added

  • Propolis
  • Oral antibacterial and antioxidant health functional food



Citron Honey Tea

Refined Naju Pear Juice


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Telephone number for consultation and inquiries (061)334-1160~1162 l FAX (061)332-1163 l E-mail I Company name: Gavo Farms
Address: 30-29, Dongsunonggongdanjigil, Naju (245-5, Ungok-dong, Naju, South Jeolla Province)
Business registration number: 412-81-09523 (confirm information) I Reported telemarketing business: No. 2009-communication-61
Bank account number for paying without a bankbook: Nonghyup 671-01-153512 | Depositor: Gavo Farms
CEO: Kim Hee-sung | personal information manager: Kim Hee-sung | Personal information protection period: Until membership withdrawal